About Us

“The goal and general purpose of Color Me Muslim is to facilitate the uniqueness of the Muslim identity on a global scale and to act as a social platform that jumpstarts a greater awareness and involvement of the Muslim Society.” However CMM is not limited to people of Islamic Faith. Through an array of different media outlets we hope to reach people of diverse backgrounds and to serve as a bridge and liaison to the world population in matters of social growth and expansion.

Color Me Muslim Is A Movement- meaning that- it is not about presentation as much as it is about action and activity because we don’t want to just present things to our community and to our audiences but we want to involve them in everything we do. Through this method we hope to see more tangible results regarding our community, our youth, our education, and our status and stature in this society.


Color Me Muslim LLC Is A For Profit Company That Facilitates A Very Diverse Set Of Services With Promotions, Productions and Publications (PPP) Being The Pivotal Point For Our Immediate Business And Community Involvements. Due To The Fluid Nature Of Our Organizational Construct We Are Able To Use Our Vast Fields Of Expertise To Facilitate The Promotion, Production, And Publication Of Textual, Audial, And Visual Products Such As Books, Albums, Documentaries, Magazines, Commercials, Trailers, and Movies. Coupled With A Strategic Approach To Using Online Media Our (PPP) Capabilities Are Brought To Real Time With The Implementation Of Our Live Streaming Network. Also, Our (PPP) Identity Allows Us To Step Out Of The Virtual Realm And Play A Role In The True Fabric Of This World, Engaging Our Supporters With Dynamic Events Such As Spoken Word Shows, Youth Summits And Community Gatherings, Album Release Showcases As Well As Book Signings and Film Festivals.